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Articles tagged: 2022 commitments not predictions

  1. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: There is no pipeline problem

    By Robert Hernandez

    Posted on

    A problem exists in how the industry treats historically marginalized journalists in the hiring process.

  2. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: Let’s learn without fear of failure

    By Annemarie Dooling

    Posted on

    Personal growth is imperative to professional and organizational growth.

  3. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: It’s time to own our biases

    By Julia B. Chan

    Posted on

    This year, I’m committing to create journalism that reflects and honors the experiences of people in the newsroom — and outside

  4. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: This is my commitment as an ally and a leader

    By Greg Burton

    Posted on

    There’s much work to be done to better support and develop journalists of color. Here are a few steps I’m taking this year.

  5. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: U.S.-focused Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategies Don’t Scale Globally

    By Feli Carrique

    Posted on

    The push towards DEI initiatives in US media is a great thing, and it can help raise analog concerns in places where there hasn’t been so much reckoning. However, assuming that the same initiatives implemented to deal with discrimination in the US. are applicable elsewhere is inaccurate and short-sighted.

  6. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: A self-improvement buddy system for leaders

    By John Davidow and Hannah Wise

    Posted on

    Hannah Wise and John Davidow, co-founders of Media Bridge Partners (a new consultancy that helps media organizations with their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goals), discuss their personal/professional commitments for 2022.

  7. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: What we’ll do in 2022

    By P. Kim Bui and Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    Over the next few weeks, you’ll see a series of guest columns that are a little different than our usual offering. As promised, we solicited and received commitments (not predictions) from journalism leaders. We’re excited to publish these thoughts and promises made by our fellow leaders, allies, and rebels — of all colors.

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