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Articles tagged: accessibility

  1. An Accessibility Starter Kit is Already at Your Fingertips

    By Thomas Wilburn

    Posted on

    Your built-in screen reader is waiting for you, on your smartphone.

  2. Your Interactive Makes Me Sick

    By Eileen Webb

    Posted on

    Picture this: you’re sitting in a car, and the car next to you starts to pull forward. For a moment you feel like you’re moving backwards. That brief feeling of disorientation, where the world is moving in a way your body doesn’t quite process—imagine that you feel like that all the time.

  3. Want More Reach? Stop Sidelining Accessibility

    By Adnan Aamir and Joanna S. Kao

    Posted on

    The many reasons that accessibility can’t be overlooked.

  4. Teaching and Brainstorming Inclusive Technical Metaphors

    By Nicole Zhu

    Posted on

    A session at SRCCON 2017 on inclusive metaphors in tech.

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