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  1. A starter pack of accessibility resources

    By Aditi Bhandari

    Posted on

    If you’re new to accessible design, it may feel daunting to think of the work that lies ahead of you, but everyone in this field had to start somewhere. Once I realised accessibility was a baseline and not a ceiling, making my work more inclusive became an integral part of my workflow rather than an extra task between me and the publish button.

  2. Why web accessibility matters to me

    By Aditi Bhandari

    Posted on

    When I first found out that there were things I needed to fix to make my work in journalism more accessible, I went about it the same way I learned to code: going with the solution that appears most commonly among search results. I’ve spent the past year trying to course-correct by making an active effort to learn more.

  3. How to write effective alt text, for journalists

    By Patrick Garvin

    Posted on

    For journalists wanting to make their work accessible to people with disabilities, alt text is a great place to start. This short guide can help you think about how to add helpful alt text to images, charts & data visualizations, and social media posts for your newsroom.

  4. Three edits you can bring to every story to make disability visible in news

    By Hannah Wise

    Posted on

    Newsrooms are starting to understand they need to make accessibility more than an afterthought. Editors are positioned to propel much needed change — even one story at a time.

  5. An Accessibility Starter Kit is Already at Your Fingertips

    By Thomas Wilburn

    Posted on

    Your built-in screen reader is waiting for you, on your smartphone.

  6. Your Interactive Makes Me Sick

    By Eileen Webb

    Posted on

    Picture this: you’re sitting in a car, and the car next to you starts to pull forward. For a moment you feel like you’re moving backwards. That brief feeling of disorientation, where the world is moving in a way your body doesn’t quite process—imagine that you feel like that all the time.

  7. Want More Reach? Stop Sidelining Accessibility

    By Adnan Aamir and Joanna S. Kao

    Posted on

    The many reasons that accessibility can’t be overlooked.

  8. Teaching and Brainstorming Inclusive Technical Metaphors

    By Nicole Zhu

    Posted on

    A session at SRCCON 2017 on inclusive metaphors in tech.

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