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Thomas Wilburn is a news developer for The Seattle Times.

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  1. An Accessibility Starter Kit is Already at Your Fingertips

    Test your interactives right now with the built-in screen reader on your phone

    Posted on

    Your built-in screen reader is waiting for you, on your smartphone.

  2. Designing News Apps for Humanity

    What we’ve learned about planning for stress cases, trainwrecks, and emotional harm

    Posted on

    Reader trust is fragile and easily betrayed, and competition is fierce. Newsrooms can’t afford to ignore the way our work affects our readers when their contexts conflict with our expectations.

  3. What AMP (Maybe) Means for News Developers

    A Source roundtable on the implications of Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Posted on

    When Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP, naturally) arrived late last week, the journalism internet produced a rainbow of responses. We invited a few news developers to comment at greater length, and they dug into the issues with gusto and rigor.

  4. Seven Projects from the OpenNews + Write the Docs Code Convening

    New code and documentation for news organizations

    Posted on

    Journalist-coders tackled last-mile work and documentation at our Open News code convening in May, held in affiliation with the Write the Docs conference. Here’s what they did and what comes next.

  5. Tag Soup: Using Custom Elements to Cover Elections and Beyond

    What We Learned Testing Custom Elements in a News App

    Posted on

    How the Seattle Times’ election page served as a testbed for custom elements in a news app, and what it means for other news apps teams.

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