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  1. Text, Audio, and Meaning: Lessons from TextAV

    By Molly Schwartz

    Posted on

    A look back at a three-day working group on how captions and transcripts can improve the audio and video production process.

  2. GIFfable Audio at SRCCON

    By Jane Friedhoff

    Posted on

    Our SRCCON session was sparked by our work on an audio-sharing tool called Shortcut, which is a tool that makes it easy for podcast fans to share their favorite moments on social media. What seemed like a relatively straightforward project ended up spiraling out into a set of super-interesting questions around design, technology, and reasons why people share.

  3. How the Guardian Made RioRun

    By Aliza Aufrichtig, Kenan Davis, Jan Diehm, Rich Harris, Lauren Leatherby, and Nadja Popovich

    Posted on

    RioRun is an “interactive podcast” that takes you on a guided tour of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic marathon course—all 26.2 miles of it—as you run. Here’s how we made it.

  4. How La Nación Listened to 20,000 (Possibly Interesting) Audio Files

    By Juan Elosua and Francis Tseng

    Posted on

    With about 20,000 unlabeled audio files to classify, as part of a big breaking story, we created a process to help us focus on the files we actually needed.

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