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  1. Salary and Benefits Negotiation for News Nerds

    By Soo Oh

    Posted on

    How to negotiate a salary and benefits in the age of anxiety.

  2. Better Onboarding, Better Retention, Happier Humans

    By Melody Kramer and Kate Travis

    Posted on

    Onboarding is really important for new employees—many make the decision to stay or leave during the first six months of employment, according to Project Include–but it’s also incredibly important for employers.

  3. Do You Want This Life?

    By David Rodriguez

    Posted on

    This was my first time using public data, and I remember thinking it was going to be so easy. The data was right there, in a good format, in public, just waiting to be analyzed. And at the data bootcamp, I had picked up some data-cleaning skills, so I figured fixing any errors would be no sweat.

  4. 5 Things I Learned at AAJA’s iCON (and a Few Things I’m Still Considering)

    By Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    Reflections on iCON, the Asian American Journalists Association’s event in Miami last month.

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