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  1. How Slack Controls Our CMS

    By Andrew Briz

    Posted on

    Visit the “Latest Stories” page. See what’s new. Copy the slug. Go to the collections. Click the right row. Paste the slug. Hit save. That was the multi-step process of adding a story to the homepage of the LA Times up until a few weeks ago. Now, you just click a button.

  2. How The Los Angeles Times Transformed its Publishing Tools with a UX Design Approach

    By H. Charley Bodkin

    Posted on

    The Los Angeles Times created a new publishing system by focusing on the needs of editors and reporters, supporting great journalism with better tools.

  3. The Lure of the One True System

    By Robinson Meyer

    Posted on

    Across many days at SRCCON, I heard many people express a common wish: a single piece of software that would unify every piece of knowledge in a newsroom. Reporters’ notes, interview transcripts, style guides, story drafts, published articles, and updated corrections: All of it would be eaten by this wonderful engine. It would store notes and publish stories and accumulate knowledge and even handle permissions.

  4. Ultralight CMSes Head to Head

    By Katie Zhu

    Posted on

    Ultralight CMSes are, in many ways, the product of hacking or infecting the CMS. Here’s a breakdown of a few popular ones, complete with setup instructions, pro/cons, and newsroom case studies.

  5. Meet Tarbell

    By David Eads

    Posted on

    Introducing a very simple content management system from the Tribapps team (and friends).

  6. Fast Hacks: Solr and Newscoop

    By Adam Thomas

    Posted on

    News startups in and around Georgia helped improve search in Newscoop content management system using Solr.

  7. How We Made “For Amusement Only”

    By Trei Brundrett, Billy Disney, Laura June, Scott Kellum, and Erika Owens

    Posted on

    In a Q&A; with Source’s Erika Owens, the team behind For Amusement Only explains how it was done.

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