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  1. By what metric?

    By Nausheen Husain, Dhrumil Mehta, and Aarushi Sahejpal

    Posted on

    Join the Data Journalism Teachers’ Club–a new place for data journalism educators to learn together.

  2. Buddying up with the news-nerd community

    By Ryan Pitts

    Posted on

    Where do you turn with a question that’s stopping your data project in its tracks? If you don’t have a news-nerd colleague nearby, there’s a whole community out there happy to help. Here are three ways you can tap into networks of support, both right now and next week.

  3. Why and How Journalists Should Build Better Support Networks

    By Jennifer Mizgata

    Posted on

    Support looks different for different people, and it can look really different at different moments of your life. Personal support is relationship-based. Your relationships are going to change, and the support you have from them changes at certain times too, depending on people’s capacity. Here’s a question you can start with to think about what support might look like for you: What are your asks and offers to your support network?

  4. A Dinner for Journalists Means More Power at the Table

    By Shira Stein

    Posted on

    An easy way to build community starts with an invite to a casual, home-cooked meal.

  5. Membrane: An Experiment in Permeable Publishing

    By Jane Friedhoff

    Posted on

    Over the last several months, the New York Times R&D Lab has been thinking about the future of online communities, particularly those communities and conversations that form around news organizations and their journalism. When we think about community discussion, we typically think about comments sections below our articles, or outside forums that link to our content (Twitter, Reddit, etc.). But what comes after free-text comments? To explore this further, we developed Membrane, which is an experiment in permeable publishing. By permeable publishing, we mean a new form of reading experience, in which readers may “push back” through the medium to ask specific, contextual (and constrained) questions of the author.

  6. A few words from Chrys Wu on her new role

    By Erika Owens and Chrys Wu

    Posted on

    This week, Hacks/Hackers co-founder Chrys Wu joined the New York Times Developers team as a Developer Advocate.

  7. The Week In News Dev, Oct 17

    By Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    The week in journalism code: new projects, updates, releases, APIs, and more.

  8. Newsdev Roundup, August 29

    By Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    Events, newly released projects, blog posts, and other announcements.

  9. SchoolBook

    By Tyson Evans

    Posted on

    The New York Times and WNYC have joined forces on a new site dedicated to news, data and conversation about schools in New York City. SchoolBook is now the main place to find coverage of schools in New York by The Times and WNYC. SchoolBook’s home page will mix those news, feature and multimedia stories with essays by members of the education community, as well as photos, videos, queries, comments and more.

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