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Articles tagged: data viz

  1. Visually Speaking: Patterns for Humane Data Visualization

    By Dana Amihere

    Posted on

    Data can be impersonal, especially large datasets with thousands or even millions of records. The fact that most data of this magnitude is calculated by machines is, however, a sharp contrast to the ultimate goal of examining it in the first place—to find human trends and patterns behind the numbers.

  2. A Map That Wasn’t a Map

    By Tasneem Raja

    Posted on

    If you want to show information with a geographical component, you should start with a map, right? Not so fast, writes Tasneem Raja. Questioning your assumptions can help you make something much more effective.

  3. How We Made “Behind the Bloodshed”

    By Anthony DeBarros, Destin Frasier, Erin Kissane, and Juan Thomassie

    Posted on

    “Behind the Bloodshed: The Untold Story of America’s Mass Killings,” is a collaboration between the database team at USA Today and Gannett Digital’s interactive applications and design teams. We chatted with Anthony DeBarros of Gannett Digital, with input from colleagues Juan Thomassie and Destin Frasier, on how the project came together.

  4. How We Made “NSA Files: Decoded”

    By Feilding Cage and Gabriel Dance

    Posted on

    The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance and Feilding Cage break down their process, from storyboards and video production to major design changes and development challenges.

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