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Articles tagged: mental health

  1. A Guide to Overcoming Debilitating Personality Traits

    By Emma Carew Grovum and Yoohyun Jung

    Posted on

    How to navigate tricky social interaction and personality traits, with advice from SRCCON 2017.

  2. Ms. Management: Driving Our Employees Over the Edge

    By Stacy-Marie Ishmael

    Posted on

    Our fetishisation of stoicism means we tend to dismiss deteriorating mental health breakdowns as mere distractions, best treated with an hour or so of venting to colleagues and several infusions of hard liquor.

  3. Practical Tips for Improving Mental Health in the Newsroom

    By Joel Eastwood

    Posted on

    Every year, roughly one in five American adults experiences a mental illness. Working in a newsroom poses particular challenges to mental health: the job typically involves a high-stress environment, long hours, tight deadlines, exposure to graphic images and videos, and an unstable industry with uncertain benefits and job security. This July in Portland at SRCCON, dozens of journalists, developers and newsroom workers sat down together to share their personal experiences with mental health.

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