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  1. Good Code Runs on Good Communication

    By Rachel Schallom

    Posted on

    When I started the interactive team at the Sun Sentinel in 2013, I thought the biggest challenge would be the code. I was wrong. Experimentation, no matter the size, requires creating new processes and collaborating in new ways. For the next two years, I worked closely with reporters and editors to plan, shape and create interactive journalism, retooling the already fantastic journalism coming out of the newsroom to reach audiences in a sophisticated way online. Most of the time we were successful; occasionally it didn’t work out. The biggest thing I learned was that getting things done in a newsroom only works when everyone is on the same team.

  2. Lonely Coders, Here’s How to Get Things Done

    By Tyler Machado

    Posted on

    Many of us newsroom coders work as one-person bands, whether we’re with big employers or smaller ones. Even with growing interest and investment in digitally native news and the slow fade of the ink-stained wretch archetype, our industry’s reporter-to-coder ratio isn’t in the coder’s favor yet, and informal chat with office colleagues probably doesn’t get too technical outside of New York, D.C., and the Bay Area. This means we news nerds face challenges different from those of our old-school journalist colleagues and the coder-obsessed startup world. We can’t be content with simply writing code—we have to be simultaneously comfortable with mostly working alone and interfacing with co-workers outside our tribe, and we have to be in charge of our own professional development, without a traditional map.

  3. How to Run Projects on Time—and Keep Your Sanity

    By Lauren Rabaino

    Posted on

    Vox’s director of editorial products on how to set up the processes you need to run healthy projects and a jubilant team.

  4. Inside the Globe and Mail’s New Interactive Team

    By Matt Frehner and Julia Wolfe

    Posted on

    How The Globe and Mail built a top interactive team from scratch, plus the tools and processes they need to keep turning out work that pushes the paper forward.

  5. Security for Journalists, Part Two: Threat Modeling

    By Jonathan Stray

    Posted on

    Jonathan Stray on how to protect yourself, your sources, and your scoop on sensitive stories

  6. Security for Journalists, Part One: The Basics

    By Jonathan Stray

    Posted on

    Jonathan Stray on what every single person in your news org should be doing to secure the newsroom.

  7. True Facts, Maybe

    By Matt Waite

    Posted on

    Matt Waite thinks epistemology (and a little fake software) could save journalism—here’s why.

  8. Building Smart Newsroom Tools

    By Melody Kramer

    Posted on

    Melody Kramer on how a user-centered design process and attention to newsroom culture can make or break your internal tools.

  9. Developing Data Journalists in the Developing World

    By Eva Constantaras

    Posted on

    Eva Constantaras on training data journalists where data journalism isn’t a standard practice.

  10. Making Remote Work Work

    By Christopher Groskopf

    Posted on

    Christopher Groskopf’s tricks for going to the office without going to the office.

  11. The Evolution of News Tech Teams

    By Pablo Mercado

    Posted on

    Vox Media’s VP of technology breaks down the hard and frequently messy lessons his organization has learned about clearing the way for successful tech collaboration in newsrooms.

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