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Christopher Groskopf is a data journalist on the NPR Visuals team. In November he'll be joining Quartz. He divides his time between Tyler, TX and Washington, DC. Find him on Twitter: @onyxfish.

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  1. agate
  2. Bees with machine guns
  3. dailygraphics
  4. Electris
  5. Newsapps boundary service
  6. Pym
  7. python-documentcloud


  1. Introducing agate: a Better Data Analysis Library for Journalists
  2. Eleven Awesome Things You Can Do with csvkit
  3. All About the dailygraphics Rig from NPR
  4. Introducing Pym
  5. How We Made the Book Concierge
  6. How We Made Lobbying Missouri
  7. Complex But Not Dynamic
  8. For Journalism: How it Started, Where it’s Going
  9. How NPR Designed Their Live Elections News App

Articles by Christopher

  1. Introducing agate: a Better Data Analysis Library for Journalists

    agate, a Python library optimized for humans, reaches 1.0

    Posted on

    Meet agate, a Python data analysis library optimized not for performance, but for the performance of the human who is using it. That means focusing on designing code that is easy to learn, readable, and flexible enough to handle any weird data you throw at it. Here’s why you should try it.

  2. Eleven Awesome Things You Can Do with csvkit

    A Listicle Introduction to the Swiss Army Knife of CSVs

    Posted on

    Christopher Groskopf, master of CSVs, breaks down the magical powers of csvkit.

  3. All About the dailygraphics Rig from NPR

    A Q&A with Alyson Hurt and Christopher Groskopf

    Posted on

    Last week, NPR’s Visuals team released their dailygraphics rig, which offers workflow for small-scale visualizations, interactives, and graphics, along with “automated machinery for creating, deploying and embedding these mini-projects.” Their introductory blog post breaks down how to set up and use the rig, and the code is open source and ready to use. Alyson Hurt joined last week’s OpenNews community call to talk a little about the project, and we chatted with her and Christopher Groskopf afterward about how the rig came to be, what kind of skills are required to use it, and their aim to improve code quality and culture through process-improving tools.

  4. Making Remote Work Work

    Christopher Groskopf’s Tricks for Going to the Office without Going to the Office

    Posted on

    Christopher Groskopf’s tricks for going to the office without going to the office.

  5. How We Made Lobbying Missouri

    NPR’s apps team talks about their collaboration with St. Louis Public Radio

    Posted on

    Lobbying Missouri is a collaboration between St. Louis Public Radio and members of NPR’s news apps teams. We spoke with three team members about the project, their design process, and the code under the hood.

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