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  1. COVID-19 story recipe: Analyzing disparate impact based on race, poverty, and vulnerability in your area

    By Hannah Recht

    Posted on

    As new COVID-19 hot spots popped up across the country and states began to release data by race and ethnicity, the team at Kaiser Health News reported on why the illness was striking Black, Hispanic, and Native Americans so intensely. Here’s how you can use the data to report on your community.

  2. How We Built a Database from Thousands of Police Reports

    By MaryJo Webster

    Posted on

    How we built our massive analysis of sexual assault cases in Minnesota, with tools that anyone on our team could use.

  3. How We Made “Sending Even More Immigrants to Prison”

    By Yolanda Martinez

    Posted on

    A data project that shows how the U.S. government has prioritized immigration deterrence and criminalization.

  4. How We Found New Patterns in LA’s Homeless Arrest Data

    By Christine Zhang

    Posted on

    How we got the numbers on arrests of the homeless in LA, how we vetted the numbers, and, most importantly, how we found the story behind—and beyond—the numbers.

  5. What I Learned Recreating One Chart Using 24 Tools

    By Lisa Charlotte Rost

    Posted on

    Lessons learned from trying to create one chart with as many applications, libraries, and programming languages as possible.

  6. Investigating 13,000 “Good” Nursing Homes in Germany

    By Sandhya Kambhampati

    Posted on

    We built a web platform to help readers make better, more informed decisions about nursing homes for their loved ones.

  7. Stop & Frisk: Guns

    By Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    A mapping project from WNYC that displays NYPD stop-and-frisks by block and locations where the police discovered guns during such stops.

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