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  1. Slack moderator structures should share power and guard against burnout

    By Sophie Ho and Sisi Wei

    Posted on

    Focusing on logistics, emotional labor, welcome and support, safety, and membership review

  2. How Slack Controls Our CMS

    By Andrew Briz

    Posted on

    Visit the “Latest Stories” page. See what’s new. Copy the slug. Go to the collections. Click the right row. Paste the slug. Hit save. That was the multi-step process of adding a story to the homepage of the LA Times up until a few weeks ago. Now, you just click a button.

  3. How The Los Angeles Times Transformed its Publishing Tools with a UX Design Approach

    By H. Charley Bodkin

    Posted on

    The Los Angeles Times created a new publishing system by focusing on the needs of editors and reporters, supporting great journalism with better tools.

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