Event responsive viz OpenVisConf The Boston Globe’s Gabriel Florit on Responsive Visualizations

The Boston Globe's Gabriel Florit on Responsive Visualizations

Gabriel Florit creates data visualizations at the Boston Globe, and was at OpenVis Conf to talk about the surprising difficulties of bringing the principles of responsive design to data viz.

Event viz svg Canvas WebGL HTML SVG OpenVisConf Twitter’s Miguel Rios on Choosing Viz Methods

Twitter's Miguel Rios on Choosing Viz Methods

In our second dispatch from OpenVis Conf, Twitter's Miguel Rios digs into four major options for displaying visualizations on the web.

Event viz OpenVisConf The NYT’s Amanda Cox on Winning the Internet

The NYT's Amanda Cox on Winning the Internet

Our first write-up from OpenVis Conf in Cambridge, MA features the opening keynote from Amanda Cox of the New York Times Graphics desk.