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Interview Remote Work Remote Control: Mandy Brown of Vox Product

Remote Control: Mandy Brown of Vox Product

In the first installment of our new series on remote work in journalism-tech, Kaeti Hinck speaks with Mandy Brown about her setup, her team’s approach, and her advice to to anyone who wants to go remote.

Interview bots #botweek Bot Benediction, 2015

Bot Benediction, 2015

Our now-traditional #botweek closing peers inside our metaphors and the fragile magic of the bots we make, use, and love.

Interview sports games How We Made “Spot the Ball”

How We Made "Spot the Ball"

Even among the many wonderful World Cup interactives and news apps we saw this year, the NYT’s Spot the Ball was a standout, both in conception and execution. We spoke with the team behind it about the project’s design, world-class Photoshopping, and surprising inspiration.

Interview #botweek markov Source_ebooks


A final goodbye to #botweek. As told by a bot.

Interview video popcorn kettlecorn JavaScript Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

At the Mozilla Festival last fall, a team from the Broadcasting Board of Governors launched KettleCorn, their fork of the Mozilla video-editing tool Popcorn.

Interview NPR’s Brian Boyer on Building and Managing News Apps Teams

NPR's Brian Boyer on Building and Managing News Apps Teams

Yesterday, NPR announced that news apps team leader Brian Boyer was assuming a new role as head of the combined news apps/multimedia superteam. Boyer offers the unusual experience of having built out two news apps teams within five years, first at the Chicago Tribune and then at NPR. We spoke with him about his new gig, his path from computer science to journalism, his focus on sound process, and the internal obstacles new teams can face.

Interview John Keefe on leading a news development team

Today is Source’s one-year anniversary. To celebrate, we’re kicking off a new series of interviews with news apps and interactive features editors. John Keefe tells us about learning as you go, cicadas, and how the WNYC Data News team came to be.

Interview community A few words from Chrys Wu on her new role

This week, Hacks/Hackers co-founder Chrys Wu joined the New York Times Developers team as a Developer Advocate.

Interview cryptography data mining ProPublica’s Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story

ProPublica's Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story

We sat down with ProPublica’s contributor to the story, Jeff Larson—with an assist from news apps editor Scott Klein—to talk about the tech involved and why the story needed someone from the team affectionately called the news nerds.

Interview fellowship Latin America news labs Hacks/Hackers Meet Mariano Blejman

In the third of our Knight International Journalism Fellow profiles, Mariano Blejman talks about his upcoming projects.

Interview fellowships mapping dataviz Meet Gustavo Faleiros

The second in a series of interviews with Knight International Journalism Fellows.

Interview dataviz illustration Meet Mariana Santos

The first in a series of interviews with Knight International Journalism Fellows.

Interview kickstarter for journalism learning For Journalism: How it Started, Where it’s Going

For Journalism: How it Started, Where it's Going

The For Journalism project aims to create nine brand-new courses for journalists who want to learn how to design and build news applications, and to offer them to individuals and institutions in the fall of 2013.

Interview dataviz Google Docs JavaScript Jessica Lord on sheetsee.js

Jessica Lord on sheetsee.js

Jessica Lord breaks down the context and process behind sheetsee.js, a JavaScript mashup developed during her Code for America fellowship.

Interview workshops events Sisi Wei on Code with Me

Sisi Wei on Code with Me

An interview with Sisi Wei, co-founder of Code with me, an introductory two-day programming workshop for journalists.