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Jeremy Bowers is a developer on the Interactive News Team at The New York Times and previously worked for NPR, the Washington Post, and the St. Petersburg Times. He spends his weekends watching baseball and obsessively honing his ramen broth. As a college debater, he spoke more than 600 words per minute. (Photo credit: Claire O'Neil, NPR Visuals.)

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  2. Electris
  3. Elex
  4. Pym
  5. T-Shirt


  1. All About the dailygraphics Rig from NPR
  2. Introducing Pym
  3. New Work in News Code, Feb. 13th 2014
  4. How We Made the Book Concierge
  5. Collaborating on the T-Shirt Project
  6. Complex But Not Dynamic
  7. Predicting the Future, Elections Edition
  8. For Journalism: How it Started, Where it’s Going
  9. How NPR Designed Their Live Elections News App

Articles by Jeremy

  1. Introducing Elex, a Tool to Make Election Coverage Better for Everyone

    This new collaboration from the New York Times and NPR needs your help

    Posted on

    End the elections arms race” has become a rallying cry in American data journalism. Many newsrooms spend tremendous resources writing code to simply load and parse election data. It’s time we stopped worrying about the plumbing and started competing on the interesting parts. We decided it was time we put some code against our beliefs – our contribution is a tool we’re calling Elex. And it needs your help, too.

  2. Introducing Pym

    Responsive iFrames from the NPR Visuals team

    Posted on

    NPR’s Visuals team breaks down Pym, a new responsive-iframe library and the first project launched from the OpenNews Code Convening.

  3. Complex But Not Dynamic

    NPR Uses a Static Site to Crowdsource Playgrounds

    Posted on

    We usually build relatively simple sites with our app template. Our accessible playgrounds project needed to be more complex. We needed to deal with moderated, user-generated data. But we didn’t have to go full server in order to make this site work; we just modified our app template.

  4. Predicting the Future, Elections Edition

    Wherein Jeremy Bowers gets help from experts, builds an election-predicting app, and makes sure readers can see how it works

    Posted on

    Wherein Jeremy Bowers gets help from experts, builds an election-predicting app, and makes sure readers can see how it works.

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