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Kavya is a developer with a journalism habit. She joined Vox Media's Storytelling Studio as an OpenNews fellow in 2015 and stayed on after her fellowship. Her first newsroom job was with the investigative team at the Palm Beach Post. Before that she was a developer at Microsoft.

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Kavya’s work on Source


  1. Autotune


  1. Building an Annotation Tool on a Dime
  2. Demo Sites Are Weird
  3. Fellows + Code Convening = New Open Source Tools

Articles by Kavya

  1. What Do You Do, Again? Part IV

    The humans behind specialized news-nerd job titles talk about their work

    Posted on

    As we approach the fifth anniversary of Source’s existence, we’re taking an anecdotal look at the humans who do the often confusingly described work of journalism technology, technology in journalism, data…stuff…in newsrooms, and so on. We set out to discover what happens behind the titles, one job at a time.

  2. Building an Annotation Tool on a Dime

    How we annotated the inaugural address with free and open source tools

    Posted on

    Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, Vox published the inuagural address with annotations from Vox’s policy writers.

  3. Just One Thing: A Year in Review, Part I

    Appreciation of usefulness and bar-raising at the end of a long, complicated year

    Posted on

    As we did last year, we’ve asked a couple of dozen people from all around the news-nerd community to tell us about one thing—article, feature, app, tool, or something else entirely—that they loved in 2015. This week, we’re publishing their responses, from interactives to project management software. We hope you find here at least one thing that eases your work, inspires new angles on your stories, and helps carry you through to 2016.

  4. Demo Sites Are Weird

    Authentication, disk space, and other challenges

    Posted on

    Since the launch of Autotune, we have been approached by people interested in adopting it for their own newsrooms. While a lot of people didn’t mind diving right into the set up, a few people asked us “Is there anywhere I can try this out?”. Fueled by the amazing coffee selection at the most recent OpenNews code convening in Portland, we decided to build a demo site that allows users to try building projects and get a feel for the framework.

  5. Introducing Autotune

    Reuse more code, efficiently and painlessly using Autotune blueprints

    Posted on

    Today we’re announcing a new project we’ve been working on at Vox Media: Autotune, a centralized management system for charts, graphics, quizzes, and other tools. We built the application to address the problem of reusability in our work. This project is open source and available to everyone.

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