Pietro Passarelli

The New York Times

Pietro Passarelli is a software developer and documentary filmmaker. He is passionate about projects that sit at the intersection between software development and video production, both in terms of the growing trend of interactive documentaries but also as tools for making video production and post-production easier, such as autoEdit. While working in broadcast documentaries for BBC and C4 Pietro noticed the convergence of video production and software development and did an MSc in Computer Science at UCL. He worked as a newsroom developer at the Times and Sunday Times where he developed quickQuote, an open-source project to make it easier and faster for journalists to identify and create an interactive video quote. While at Vox Media as one of the 2016 Knight-Mozilla fellows, he worked with the product team and storytelling studios on autoEdit to make video production faster, easier and more accessible across the Vox Media brands. He is currently a senior software engineer at The New York Times.

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