Scott Klein

DocumentCloud, ProPublica

Scott directs a team of journalist/programmers building large interactive software projects that tell journalistic stories, and that make complex national statistics relevant to readers and their communities. Scott is also co-founder of DocumentCloud, a two-time recipient of the Knight News Challenge. DocumentCloud is a service that helps news organizations search, manage and present their source documents.

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  1. ProPublica Nerd Guides


  1. Our Font Is Made of People
  2. How (and Why) ProPublica Got Into the Elections Game
  3. Lessons from the ProPublica/OpenNews Popup News Apps Team
  4. The Times Regrets the Programmer Error
  5. ProPublica’s Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story
  6. How We Made It: Your Hospital May Be Hazardous To Your Health
  7. ProPublica’s News Apps Guides
  8. Free the Files API + Q&A with Al Shaw

Articles by Scott

  1. Our Font Is Made of People

    How we made Wee People, a silhouette font that’s free for you to use

    Posted on

    All about ProPublica’s new Wee People font of human silhouettes, free for all to use.

  2. How (and Why) ProPublica Got Into the Elections Game

    A Q&A with the team behind Electionland and the Election DataBot

    Posted on

    Yesterday morning, ProPublica announced two new projects: Electionland, a large-scale intiative to report on voting access and problems in the upcoming US elections, and Election DataBot, a comprehensive election-info data tracker and feed.

  3. ProPublica’s Jeff Larson on the NSA Crypto Story

    Our Q&A with the news apps developer who helped report Bullrun

    Posted on

    We sat down with ProPublica’s contributor to the story, Jeff Larson—with an assist from news apps editor Scott Klein—to talk about the tech involved and why the story needed someone from the team affectionately called the news nerds.

  4. ProPublica’s News Apps Guides

    A new five-part documentation series

    Posted on

    Yesterday morning, the ProPublica apps team released a series of documents outlining their coding philosophy, app design and development practices, data validation techniques, and more. We spoke with Scott Klein about how his team’s processes evolved and how they made the time to document it all.

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