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  1. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: Burnout culture is everywhere

    By P. Kim Bui

    Posted on

    But it starts at the top, and you need to have a hand in the solution.

  2. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: Being more inclusive with your references

    By Brian De Los Santos

    Posted on

    We all have to stop assuming everyone understands language, or references. It’s alienating.

  3. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: Dear imposter syndrome…

    By Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    For leaders, dealing with imposter syndrome means gently pushing our people into seeing their own success.

  4. Sincerely, Leaders of Color: To whom it may concern

    By P. Kim Bui and Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    Sincerely, Leaders of Color is written for everyone in the journalism industry who cares about creating a more supportive environment for journalists of color to do their best work.

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