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Articles tagged: transcription

  1. Building an Annotation Tool on a Dime

    By Kavya Sukumar

    Posted on

    Shortly after President Trump’s inauguration, Vox published the inuagural address with annotations from Vox’s policy writers.

  2. Introducing autoEdit: Video Editing Made Better

    By Pietro Passarelli

    Posted on

    A new Mac OS X desktop app, autoEdit, creates automatic transcription from a video or audio file. The user can then make text selections and export those selections as a video sequence, in the editing software of their choice.

  3. All About Transcribable

    By Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    Yesterday, ProPublica released Transcribable, a new open source tool that makes orderly crowdsourced transcription available to any organization that uses Ruby on Rails. ProPublica’s Al Shaw introduced the project to the public in a post on ProPublica’s Nerd Blog yesterday and here answers all our questions about the project.

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