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Articles tagged: 2012

  1. 2012 in Review: Dan Sinker

    By Dan Sinker

    Posted on

    Dan Sinker, head of Knight-Mozilla OpenNews, gets a year-in-review post in under the wire.

  2. 2012 in Review: Ryan Pitts

    By Ryan Pitts

    Posted on

    Our own Ryan Pitts on the tools that helped him do better work and the projects and sites that inspired him in 2012.

  3. 2012 in Review: Heather Billings

    By Heather Billings

    Posted on

    The Chicago Tribune’s Heather Billings talks about the methods, tools, and changes that made her year.

  4. 2012 in Review: Shazna Nessa

    By Shazna Nessa

    Posted on

    The AP’s Shazna Nessa breaks down five breakthrough design developments and news features from 2012.

  5. 2012 in Review: Al Shaw

    By Al Shaw

    Posted on

    ProPublica’s Al Shaw breaks down five outstanding news apps and interactive design choices from 2012, and one game-changer from 2011.

  6. 2012 in Review: Miranda Mulligan

    By Miranda Mulligan

    Posted on

    Knight Lab executive director Miranda Mulligan talks about five awesome things from the tech-in-news world from 2012.

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