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  1. COVID-19 story recipe: A dashboard with at-risk health indicators

    By Dana Amihere, Alexandra Kanik, Lisa Pickoff-White, and Emily Zentner

    Posted on

    We teamed up to build a dashboard that shows two kinds of data: how widespread COVID–19 is in a community, alongside health indicators that show how some people are more at risk. We’ve open-sourced the project so you can use it too.

  2. Tell us what you need to cover COVID-19

    By Ryan Pitts

    Posted on

    For the next several months, OpenNews and Big Local News will work with local journalists to develop resources their newsrooms can use to better cover COVID-19. What should that support look like? We don’t know yet! But you can help us figure it out.

  3. Buddying up with the news-nerd community

    By Ryan Pitts

    Posted on

    Where do you turn with a question that’s stopping your data project in its tracks? If you don’t have a news-nerd colleague nearby, there’s a whole community out there happy to help. Here are three ways you can tap into networks of support, both right now and next week.

  4. What Product Teams Should Know About Working With Newsrooms

    By Brittany  Hite and Christopher Chung

    Posted on

    Editorial and product teams are more effective and impactful when they work together, not separately. Here’s a guide to help product teams better understand their news colleagues.

  5. How to Build an App for 14 Member Newsrooms

    By Denise Malan

    Posted on

    What INN’s newsroom technology team learned about inter-organizational collaboration while building Power Players, and what they’ll do differently next time.

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