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Articles tagged: Node.js

  1. How We Made a Bot that Pours Wine on Television


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    How I built a WineBOT for NBC News’ Today show that’s powered by a hashtag battle.

  2. Hi, Weatherbot!

    By John Keefe

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    A Node-based Twitter bot, one easy step at a time—plus the way John Keefe teaches basic botmaking to class of journalism/design students.

  3. Introducing Sheetdown

    By Jessica Lord

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    Sheetdown is a command line Node.js module for turning a Google Spreadsheet into a Markdown (well, actually, a GitHub Flavored Markdown) table. It started with a tweet…

  4. The Code Behind AJAM’s Displaced Syrians App

    By Michael Keller

    Posted on

    Al Jazeera America’s Michael Keller introduces the three new open source libraries behind AJA’s displaced Syrians interactive app.

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