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  1. Why We Built The Record

    By Andy Rossback and Ivar Vong

    Posted on

    Introducing The Record, the Marshall Project’s compendium of reporter-curated criminal justice links.

  2. A Bot to Find the Source of Serendipity

    By Jacqui Maher

    Posted on

    Just before Thanksgiving last year, a new novelty Twitter account gained notice in our newsroom. @NYTMinusContext, promising “All Tweets Verbatim From New York Times Content. Not Affiliated with New York Times.” tweeted fragments from Times articles that you might not think twice about while reading in article format. Isolated, though, these phrases can be absurd, surprising, and delightful.

  3. Model Analysis

    By Erik Hinton

    Posted on

    The New York Times’ Erik Hinton breaks down a Fashion Week colorbar special feature with bonus fancy math.

  4. All About Reporter

    By Erin Kissane and Jeremy Singer-Vine

    Posted on

    The Wall Street Journal’s Jeremy Singer-Vine recently released Reporter, an open source tool that makes it easy to hide and reveal the code behind common forms of data visualization presented on the web. We spoke with him about the tool’s makeup, design goals, and future development plan.

  5. Responsive CSS Testing Made Simple with the BBC’s Wraith

    By David Blooman, John Cleveley, Erin Kissane, and Simon Thulbourn

    Posted on

    Last November, the BBC News team created a front-end regression tool that collects and diffs screenshots to automatically highlight discrepancies produced (intentionally or otherwise) by CSS changes. Last week, the team open-sourced Wraith. We spoke with David Blooman, who developed the tool last fall and worked with Simon Thulbourn to prepare it for public release.

  6. Introducing Tabula

    By Manuel Aristarán and Mike Tigas

    Posted on

    A new PDF data extraction tool conceived by Manuel Aristarán and built out in a collaboration between Aristarán, who is a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nación, and Mike Tigas, Fellow at ProPublica, and ProPublica’s Jeremy B. Merrill.

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