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Developer, journalism troublemaker, internet troll. Knight-Mozilla @OpenNews Fellow at @ProPublica. Also: Onion Browser (Tor iOS), @TabulaPDF, @ForJournalism.

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  1. Tabula


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  7. Introducing Tabula
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Articles by Mike

  1. What Heartbleed Means for Newsroom Technology

    Mike Tigas explains what to do and why

    Posted on

    If your websites have SSL enabled (when users log in, for example), or if you use VPN software to secure your network, or if you run your own mail servers, your newsroom might be affected by Heartbleed. Here’s what to do next.

  2. A cybersecurity installfest for journalists

    Lessons from the Hacks/Hackers NYC hands-on event

    Posted on

    Mike Tigas recaps the recent security-for-journalists talk and installfest at Hacks/Hackers NYC.

  3. Strongbox Reactions, Part II

    Jacob Harris, Jonathan Stray, and Mike Tigas weigh in

    Posted on

    We asked for your thoughts on Strongbox, the New Yorker’s new implementation of DeadDrop. Our first wave of responses includes the New York Times’ Jacob Harris, the Overview Project’s Jonathan Stray, and Mike Tigas, OpenNews Fellow at ProPublica.

  4. Introducing Tabula

    Upload a PDF, get back tabular CSV data. Poof!

    Posted on

    A new PDF data extraction tool conceived by Manuel Aristarán and built out in a collaboration between Aristarán, who is a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nación, and Mike Tigas, Fellow at ProPublica, and ProPublica’s Jeremy B. Merrill.

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