Project jQuery D3 animation Underscore visualization Meet Bloomberg’s Dataview

Meet Bloomberg's Dataview

One of our most recent works, “How Americans Die,” is an instance of what we call a “dataview.” The impetus behind dataview was a hope to provide clear and concise storytelling, while giving the supporting data more prominence and explorability.

Project jQuery Underscore.js data viz Backbone.js jQuery UI mapping crime Moment Skrollr DataTables MapBox How We Made “Behind the Bloodshed”

How We Made "Behind the Bloodshed"

Behind the Bloodshed: The Untold Story of America’s Mass Killings,” is a collaboration between the database team at USA Today and Gannett Digital’s interactive applications and design teams. We chatted with Anthony DeBarros of Gannett Digital, with input from colleagues Juan Thomassie and Destin Frasier, on how the project came together.

Project video Video.js data viz D3 jQuery How We Made “NSA Files: Decoded”

How We Made "NSA Files: Decoded"

The Guardian’s Gabriel Dance and Feilding Cage break down their process, from storyboards and video production to major design changes and development challenges.

Project jQuery TileMill mapping climate change Leaflet Panoply NetCDF MapBox Highcharts Backbone How We Made “Your Warming World”

How We Made "Your Warming World"

New Scientist’s Peter Aldhous and NPR’s Chris Amico break down the data, mapping, and interface details of their collaboration on Your Warming World.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Jan 14

Event Roundup, Jan 14

Lots of opportunities for learning: events in Philadelphia and Vienna as well as fellowship programs taking applications now.

Project second screen chat Tabletop Instagram Heroku Twitter sports Fast Hacks: GameDay Live

Fast Hacks: GameDay Live

The Daily Emerald’s Ivar Vong breaks down a homepage takeover experiment.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Jan 7

Event Roundup, Jan 7

New year and lots of event planning underway. Plus, we’re entering awards entry season: the IRE deadline is this Friday.

Project Simple Tiles census mapping simple tiles Anatomy of the “Living Apart” map

Anatomy of the "Living Apart" map

Last month, ProPublica launched the Living Apart series with an investigation into the Fair Housing Act of 1968 and an interactive map showing the migration of African Americans from 1890-2010.

Project Tastypie pandas Django dataviz Homicides in the District

Homicides in the District

How the Washington Post’s development team cleaned the data and built an app to support a 15-month investigation into DC homicide cases.

Project criminal law Django S3 Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

We assembled a database of stand your ground cases in Florida to encourage people to explore the cases to see how the law was being applied. We did this because no government entity was tracking such cases.