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  1. Five Years in News Nerd Careers (Part II)

    By Brian Boyer, Kaeti Hinck, Geoff Hing, Gabriela Rodríguez Berón, Matt Waite, and Aaron Williams

    Posted on

    Marking our five-year anniversary with a community roundtable on what’s changed since we launched—part two.

  2. Five Years in News Nerd Careers

    By Emma Carew Grovum, Tiff Fehr, Tyler Fisher, Mago Torres, and Lam Thuy Vo

    Posted on

    Marking our five-year anniversary with a community roundtable on what’s changed since we launched.

  3. Caregiving in and around Journalism

    By Emily Goligoski

    Posted on

    The pressures on news staff to be resourceful and to deliver have never been greater. The stresses involved are compounded by our day-to-day caregiving responsibilities for our children, parents, and friends, among others.

  4. SRCCON Spotlight: Building a Culture of Documentation

    By Erin Kissane, Lauren Rabaino, and Kelsey Scherer

    Posted on

    Last year’s SRCCON participants got a lot out of Lauren Rabaino & Kelsey Scherer’s docs session, and we’ve found ourselves returning to the transcript more than once.

  5. When They Don’t Want You To Lead

    By Emily Chow and Kaeti Hinck

    Posted on

    It’s challenging to find your feet as a leader, even more so when you’re in an underrepresented group. For people of color, women and other underrepresented groups, there are structural systems and power dynamics in place that make navigating the workplace—and leadership—especially precarious. During SRCCON in Portland, we gathered to talk about our experiences and ideas for how to navigate shared challenges.

  6. 5 Things I Learned at AAJA’s iCON (and a Few Things I’m Still Considering)

    By Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    Reflections on iCON, the Asian American Journalists Association’s event in Miami last month.

  7. The Whole of Work

    By Mandy Brown

    Posted on

    In The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, Alain de Botton interviews a number of workers at a biscuit manufacturing company and concludes, unsurprisingly enough, that the place is rather dreary. The difference between a happy home cook and our listless biscuit manufacturing employee comes down to what Ursula Franklin describes in The Real World of Technology as holistic versus prescriptive technologies. In a holistic technology, a single person or small group of people carry through an entire process, from inception to sweeping the crumbs off the floor, making their own decisions and adapting along the way.

  8. Unlearning

    By Tiff Fehr

    Posted on

    As with most of our well-meant advice, we tend to target people at the heights or depths of mindsets—in this case, you on your career path. We don’t do as earnest a job of giving constructive advice for people in the middle, those metaphorically on a plateau or simply soldiering up a small hill.

  9. Writing the Patch for Communication Gaps

    By Michael Grant

    Posted on

    Don’t let a debrief go to waste. The SF Chronicle’s Michael Grant explains how to dig deeper, solve longstanding communication problems, and support the development and implementation of new ideas.

  10. Good Code Runs on Good Communication

    By Rachel Schallom

    Posted on

    When I started the interactive team at the Sun Sentinel in 2013, I thought the biggest challenge would be the code. I was wrong. Experimentation, no matter the size, requires creating new processes and collaborating in new ways. For the next two years, I worked closely with reporters and editors to plan, shape and create interactive journalism, retooling the already fantastic journalism coming out of the newsroom to reach audiences in a sophisticated way online. Most of the time we were successful; occasionally it didn’t work out. The biggest thing I learned was that getting things done in a newsroom only works when everyone is on the same team.

  11. Surviving the News Business

    By Tiff Fehr and Alyson Hurt

    Posted on

    While each organization’s culture varies, aggressive deadlines, multi-tasking, and long hours are considered hallmarks of journalism. You can repeat that exact paragraph about the tech industry as well. If you combine them, as many of us do each day, you get something like a three-dimensional chess board of stressors, deadlines, and shifting ground.

  12. Data Journalism Problems in Europe

    By Zara Rahman

    Posted on

    Zara Rahman reports back on surprising insights from the International Journalism Festival in Perugia.

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