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Articles tagged: SRCCON 2021

  1. It’s time to rethink how we report election results

    By Thomas Wilburn

    Posted on

    We need to fundamentally rethink the ways we report election results. Many of our maps and practices—from early calls to “trends” in vote share on election night—are confusing if not outright deceptive. The question isn’t “how do we optimize for speed, accuracy, and volume?”, it’s “how do we make sure our practices improve democracy instead of just observing it.”

  2. Empowering editorial teams with product methods

    By Lindsay Abrams

    Posted on

    The iterative, user-centered methods we use in product development make a lot of sense for content, too. Instead of pressing publish and hoping audiences like what we’ve produced, it asks us to have deep, ongoing conversations with those readers, viewers or listeners from the outset, de-risking our work by grounding it in an understanding of people’s needs.

  3. Network mapping: Learn a 30-minute strategy to find the right audience for your next project (and have fun doing it!)

    By Bridget Thoreson

    Posted on

    Whether you’re developing a newsroom-wide strategy for connecting with audiences or you’re looking to quickly find sources for a single story, network mapping allows you to identify what you’re seeking to connect with audiences about, who cares about that topic and how you can reach them.

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