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Articles tagged: diversity

  1. How to Diversify Your Newsroom, Starting Now

    By Emma Carew Grovum

    Posted on

    Emma Carew Grovum’s action steps toward diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizational cultures.

  2. The Sound of Disparity

    By Jim Briggs and Sinduja Rangarajan

    Posted on

    Inside Reveal’s incredible data sonification project, bringing Silicon Valley’s diversity problem to our ears.

  3. Acknowledging Our Full Selves

    By Erika Owens

    Posted on

    We know that each of us brings our identities, our experiences, our communities with us into this work. We work to make SRCCON a space where folks can feel able to explore how our selves shape our journalism, and find support from one another. And this year, with a relentless news cycle and threats to our communities and journalism itself, we needed space to acknowledge both the pain and the power we carry with us.

  4. To NICAR, With Love

    By Lo Bénichou

    Posted on

    I am queer. I am a women. I am Jewish. I am mixed. And I work in the news in Trump’s America.

  5. Ms. Management: This Isn’t the Diverse Newsroom You’re Looking For

    By Stacy-Marie Ishmael

    Posted on

    The first column in the “Ms. Management” series: how newsroom managers can take more tangible steps to increase newsroom diversity.

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