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  1. The Twitterverse of Donald Trump, In 26,234 Tweets

    By Lam Thuy Vo

    Posted on

    We wanted to get a better idea of where President-elect Donald Trump gets his information. So we analyzed everything he has tweeted since he launched his campaign to take a look at the links he has shared and the news sources they came from. But first, we had to get the tweets.

  2. All Aboard the Twitterbot


    Posted on

    The @choochoobot is a Twitter account that posts emoji trains sweeping through emoji landscapes. Here’s what it tells us about making bots these days.

  3. What Is the Sound of PunditBot Yapping?

    By Jeremy B. Merrill

    Posted on

    The best PunditBot can do is imitate cable-news pundits or sports commentators filling airtime with useless predictions, largely because it lacks a human’s domain knowledge and ethical drive to use journalism to inform democracy and craft a fairer society. My experiment with PunditBot makes me bearish on independent robotic journalists (and bearish on human TV pundits) but I’m optimistic for a future of human-robot journalism teams.

  4. Peda(bot)gically Speaking: Teaching Computational and Data Journalism with Bots

    By Nicholas Diakopoulos

    Posted on

    Bots encapsulate how data and computing can work together, in journalism. And when we use bots to teach concepts and skills in computational journalism, we’re actually teaching two kinds of thinking: editorial and computational.

  5. Hi, Weatherbot!

    By John Keefe

    Posted on

    A Node-based Twitter bot, one easy step at a time—plus the way John Keefe teaches basic botmaking to class of journalism/design students.

  6. Mockingjay: A Smarter Repeater

    By Michael Keller

    Posted on

    Meet our Twitter bot that follows a list of users and retweets them when they mention a certain topic.

  7. Twitter Mapping: Foundations

    By Simon Rogers

    Posted on

    Twitter’s data editor lays out the major challenges and opportunities that arise when you set out to map tweets.

  8. How (and Why) We Made Twitter Reverb

    By Simon Rogers

    Posted on

    Twitter’s Simon Rogers introduces Reverb and walks through his team’s design and development work with Periscopic.

  9. How We Made @NailbiterBot

    By Noah Veltman

    Posted on

    The first full round of March Madness is Christmas morning for college basketball fans: 2 days, 32 games, lots of upsets and late-game drama. Last week, on the first full day of the tournament, WNYC transportation reporter Jim O’Grady casually mentioned that he couldn’t keep tabs on all the action during the day. He wished he could get a text message whenever a game was coming down to the wire so he would know when to neglect his professional responsibilities and tune in for the end. I started kicking around the idea in my head a little, and after work my colleague Jenny Ye and I decided to take a break from writing weird JavaScript to write some more weird JavaScript. The result was @NailbiterBot, a humble Twitter bot that posts a tweet whenever an NCAA tournament game is close late in the second half.

  10. To Scrape, Perchance to Tweet

    By Abe Epton

    Posted on

    At the Chicago Tribune, we had a simple goal: to automatically tweet contributions to Illinois politicians of $1,000 or more, which campaigns are required to report within five business days. To see, in something approximating real time, which campaigns are bringing in the big bucks and who those big-buck-bearers are. The Illinois State Board of Elections (ISBE) has helpfully published exactly this data for years online, in a format that appears to have changed very little since at least the mid-2000s. There’s no API for this data, but the stability of the format is encouraging. A scraper is hardly an ideal tool for anything intended to last for a while and produce public-facing data, but if we can count on the format of the page not to change much over at least the next several months, it’s probably worth it.

  11. Fast Hacks: GameDay Live

    By Ivar Vong

    Posted on

    The Daily Emerald’s Ivar Vong breaks down a homepage takeover experiment.

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