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  1. Same Diff: The English-Language Press Maps the French Election

    By David Yanofsky

    Posted on

    Here’s a reminder: In normal times, US-based publications normally don’t put much effort into visualizing foreign elections. Of course, with presidency of Donald Trump, a British vote to leave the European Union, and a presidential election in France without either of the mainstream political parties qualifying, we don’t live in normal times.

  2. Playing with Suspense in Data Visualizations

    By Lam Thuy Vo

    Posted on

    For a recent story about how Washington Post editor Doris Truong became the center of a partisan online flame war, we wanted to illustrate what happens when a person becomes part of viral false story and subject to online trolling.

  3. Connecting with the Dots

    By Jacob Harris

    Posted on

    Jake Harris on data visualization, empathy, and representing people with dots

  4. How (and Why) We Made Twitter Reverb

    By Simon Rogers

    Posted on

    Twitter’s Simon Rogers introduces Reverb and walks through his team’s design and development work with Periscopic.

  5. What If the Data Visualization Is Actually People?

    By Sarah Slobin

    Posted on

    Sarah Slobin discovers that all the facts and numbers didn’t add up to the humans in her story.

  6. Meet Bloomberg’s Dataview

    By Jeremy Scott Diamond

    Posted on

    One of our most recent works, “How Americans Die,” is an instance of what we call a “dataview.” The impetus behind dataview was a hope to provide clear and concise storytelling, while giving the supporting data more prominence and explorability.

  7. How and Why Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration Rocks

    By Wes Lindamood

    Posted on

    Wes Lindamood explains the magic of working together from the start with a UX-driven process

  8. Model Analysis

    By Erik Hinton

    Posted on

    The New York Times’ Erik Hinton breaks down a Fashion Week colorbar special feature with bonus fancy math.

  9. Creating Games for Journalism

    By Sisi Wei

    Posted on

    Sisi Wei makes the case for newsgames and shows you how it’s done

  10. Creating The Grid: a Story of Prototyping

    By Joey Marburger

    Posted on

    Joey Marburger on the prototype process behind creating the Washington Post’s interactive, The Grid

  11. Visual Literacy in an Age of Data

    By Shazna Nessa

    Posted on

    Shazna Nessa explains visual literacy and why it’s critical for data visualizers to take it seriously.

  12. Men’s NCAA Interactive: Redesigning Bracket Slightly Easier than Winning It

    By Sean McDade

    Posted on

    Sean McDade reinvents the wheel with the Associated Press Final Four Interactive.

  13. Design Principles for News Apps & Graphics

    By Lena Groeger

    Posted on

    Lena Groeger’s lowdown on how to apply classic design principles to your newfangled interactive graphics and apps.

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