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Campaign Cash

A Ruby client for interacting with The New York Times Campaign Finance API.


CartoDB is an open-source platform to map, analyze and build apps with your data in the cloud.


Daybreak is a simple key value store for Ruby. It has user defined persistence, and all data is stored in a table in memory so …


DocumentCloud allows journalists working on document related projects to upload, analyze, annotate, and publish primary source material.


A Ruby parser for electronic candidate, PAC and party campaign filings from the Federal Election Commission.

Simpler Tiles

Simpler Tiles is a library of ruby bindings for Simple Tiles, a GIS image generation library. It allows you to generate PNG based map images without having to dip into straight C.


TableFu is a ruby gem for spreadsheet-style handling of arrays (e.g. filtering, formatting, and sorting by “column” or “row”). In addition, it has the ability …


TableSetter is a Ruby app which provides an easy way to present CSVs hosted locally or remotely in custom HTML.


A web application that lets you easily extract tabular data from PDF files.


TimelineSetter creates beautiful timelines. It is a command-line utility that takes a specially-structured CSV file as input and outputs standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JavaScript. It “bakes out” timelines, …


Wraith is a responsive screenshot comparison tool that uses PhantomJS or SlimerJS with ImageMagick to capture and diff screenshots from websites in different environments (e.g. …