Working Together

Here’s everything that makes the workday actually work: communicating better, functioning more efficiently—remotely and in person, taking charge of your own learning, making the tools your team needs, and much more.


  1. The Whole of Work

    By Mandy Brown

    Posted on

    More and more, building anything online requires increasing levels of specialization. This primer takes a historical and philosophical look at the costs and benefits of generalizing vs. specializing—and offers practical ways to find your sweet spot.

  2. Good Code Runs on Good Communication

    By Rachel Schallom

    Posted on

    Working across teams in the newsroom comes with its own set of challenges. Here’s how to communicate more productively, with less friction.

  3. How to Run Projects on Time—and Keep Your Sanity

    By Lauren Rabaino

    Posted on

    Mitigate chaos and manage time better with these three important practices, which keep the Vox Product team running smoothly.

  4. The Evolution of News Tech Teams

    By Pablo Mercado

    Posted on

    Getting rid of obstacles and adapting to the processes and tools that news developers and designers really need to collaborate with others in the newsroom.

  5. Unlearning

    By Tiff Fehr

    Posted on

    This is one of our most comprehensive articles on improving your own mental state and personal toolset. Dive into new modes of self-assessment, lose some old baggage, unlearn bad habits.

  6. Making Remote Work Work

    By Christopher Groskopf

    Posted on

    Everything you need to know about working away from the main hive without turning into a ghost. (One of our most popular articles ever.)

  7. Telling Your Boss “No”

    By Matt Waite

    Posted on

    Sometimes the best answer is “no.” Here’s how to argue with your boss more productively.

  8. Surviving the News Business

    By Tiff Fehr and Alyson Hurt

    Posted on

    Burnout is real, and many (many) people in our industry feel more than a little exhausted by a lack of work-life balance. At SRCCON 2015, we dug into everyone’s biggest frustrations and best strategies.

  9. When They Don’t Want You To Lead

    By Emily Chow and Kaeti Hinck

    Posted on

    Leadership isn’t easy, and it’s especially precarious for women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups and communities. Here’s a practical list of strategies, based on a session at SRCCON 2016.

  10. Guerrilla QA for Tiny Teams

    By Tracie Lee

    Posted on

    Instead of skimping on QA, here’s how Serious Eats worked to set priorities, rally help from outside their team, and get it all done on a shoestring.

  11. Lonely Coders, Here’s How to Get Things Done

    By Tyler Machado

    Posted on

    Solo newsroom coders face a special set of circumstances, and it pays to stick together. Here are some best practices on getting things done, from a SRCCON 2015 session filled with lonely coders who’ve been there.

  12. Our IKEA-Inspired Kit for Newsroom Processes

    By Robin Kwong

    Posted on

    An open source, modular toolkit for better project management—and better communication—on newsroom technology/interactive teams.

  13. 5 Things To Build Into Your Digital Workflow

    By CJ Sinner and MaryJo Webster

    Posted on

    Better workflows lead to better products and higher-functioning teams. Here’s a roundup of best practices, based on a session at SRCCON 2015.

  14. What I Learned from Researching Newsroom On-boarding and Off-Boarding Processes

    By Sandhya Kambhampati

    Posted on

    As a Knight-Mozilla fellow, I wanted to do some type of research during my fellowship that could benefit the news community. During my 10-month fellowship in Berlin in 2016, I spent about eight months researching, collecting data and interviewing reporters, editors, managers, and directors about their on-boarding and off-boarding processes.

  15. Feats Thru Sheets: The Wonders of Go-To Templates

    By Carla Astudillo

    Posted on

    Sometimes just a few simple tools can patch big cracks in your newsroom’s workflow. Here’s a template that increased everyone’s speed and efficiency, helping reporters and news devs collaborate better.

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