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  1. How We Made “The Year in Push Alerts”

    By Holly Allen, Laura Bennett, and Andrew Kahn

    Posted on

    A few weeks ago, Slate published a year-in-push-alerts feature that captured much of the sense of escalating anxiety and unreality produced by the last year in breaking news.

  2. Playing with Suspense in Data Visualizations

    By Lam Thuy Vo

    Posted on

    For a recent story about how Washington Post editor Doris Truong became the center of a partisan online flame war, we wanted to illustrate what happens when a person becomes part of viral false story and subject to online trolling.

  3. Animated Spray-Painting Candidates at the Guardian US

    By Kenan Davis, Rich Harris, Nadja Popovich, and Kenton Powell

    Posted on

    Over the course of the 2016 US election season, we’ll be highlighting plenty of hardworking projects designed to make elections coverage better for all—like elex and OpenElections—but also the offbeat, playful, and experimental approaches that newsrooms can work on when the basics are under control. Our first entry in the series comes from the Guardian US interactive team, who took a moment to break down their animated results maps that debuted in last week’s Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary.

  4. Animating Maps with D3 and TopoJSON

    By Roman Kalyakin

    Posted on

    An exploration of an easy way to animate paths in SVG maps.

  5. Meet Bloomberg’s Dataview

    By Jeremy Scott Diamond

    Posted on

    One of our most recent works, “How Americans Die,” is an instance of what we call a “dataview.” The impetus behind dataview was a hope to provide clear and concise storytelling, while giving the supporting data more prominence and explorability.

  6. Animation With Filmstrips

    By Alyson Hurt

    Posted on

    The code and thinking behind NPR’s implementation of the JPEG “filmstrip” technique in “Planet Money Makes A T-Shirt.”

  7. Replaying A Night in the Life of a Cabbie

    By Dan Schultz

    Posted on

    At The Boston Globe, I was charged with helping readers understand that struggle—to experience a night in the life of a cab driver—using a digital interactive. The result was published alongside an amazing article by the Globe’s resident journalist-sportswriter-cabbie, Bob Hohler.

  8. How We Made Snow Fall

    By Steve Duenes, Erin Kissane, Andrew Kueneman, Jacky Myint, Graham Roberts, and Catherine Spangler

    Posted on

    Reporters, designers, developers, and editors who worked on the NYT’s Snow Fall explain how they pulled it off.

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