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Project redesign iteration Reported.ly’s Editorial—and Web—Evolution

Reported.ly's Editorial—and Web—Evolution

Kim Bui breaks down the iterative process reported.ly’s web presence has undergone alongside the team’s editorial evolution.

Project scraping archiving data Tracking Amtrak 188

Tracking Amtrak 188

How curiosity and tinkering let Al Jazeera America publish historical data for a derailed train’s route without Amtrak’s cooperation.

Project bots #botweek The Strange Tale of FCCliefs

The Strange Tale of FCCliefs

It started as a joke and turned into hashing through thousands of Net Neutrality comments the hard way, then building a chatbot to post them and interact with curious readers.

Project data scraping elections Scraping Nevada

Scraping Nevada

Derek Willis breaks down the three stages of scraping (denial, annoyance, and acceptance) while confronting the election-results form from hell.

Project campaign finance Python Introducing Bedfellows

Introducing Bedfellows

The financial relationship between PAC contributors and recipients can be difficult to divine from the information reported to the FEC. Bedfellows is a new Python library based on a model developed at The Upshot for understanding those relationships via several different measures.

Project custom elements Tag Soup: Using Custom Elements to Cover Elections and Beyond

Tag Soup: Using Custom Elements to Cover Elections and Beyond

How the Seattle Times’ election page served as a testbed for custom elements in a news app, and what it means for other news apps teams.

Project Reporting from the Youngest Land on Earth

Reporting from the Youngest Land on Earth

How ProPublica and The Lens got the aerial photos they needed to produce Losing Ground.

Project campaign finance collaboration How to Build an App for 14 Member Newsrooms

How to Build an App for 14 Member Newsrooms

What INN’s newsroom technology team learned about inter-organizational collaboration while building Power Players, and what they’ll do differently next time.

Project Clarity Elections OpenNews code convening elections Introducing Clarify

An open source elections-data URL locator and parser for Clarity Elections results, from the team at OpenElections.

Project OpenNews code convening elections Introducing MinnPost’s Election Night API

Introducing MinnPost's Election Night API

The Election Night API is a set of tools, configurations, and instructions to collect and serve election results on election night, while still providing an off-season service, and focusing on saving resources as much as possible.

Project Boundary Service mapping OpenNews code convening elections Introducing Wherewolf

Introducing Wherewolf

Last week, as part of the OpenNews post-election Code Convening, Jenny Ye and Noah Veltman put the finishing touches on Wherewolf, a JavaScript library that lets you run a boundary service in a browser.

Project OpenNews code convening screenshots Introducing Whippersnapper

As part of the OpenNews Code Convening held earlier this month, we’re releasing Whippersnapper—an automated screenshot tool to keep a visual history of content on the web. It builds on top of other open source projects to capture and upload screenshots of a web page, giving users creative power to track how the internet visually changes.

Project Google Spreadsheets JavaScript Tracking a Record Run Throughout the Season

Tracking a Record Run Throughout the Season

At the beginning of the season, it looked like Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray might break a record this season. John Hancock explains the interactive the Dallas Morning News put together to track Murray’s progress.

Project app template elections Stealing the NPR App Template for Fun and (Non-)Profit

Stealing the NPR App Template for Fun and (Non-)Profit

This month, just in time for the election, our team at the Investigative News Network (INN) launched Power Players—a state-by-state exploration of campaign finance and top political donors across the country. Here’s how we used NPR’s App Template to make it work.

Project Introducing Pulp and Pulp Press

Introducing Pulp and Pulp Press

Al Jazeera America’s Michael Keller explains how his team designed and built its first piece of comics journalism.

Project redesign The Guardian Launches an Open Redesign for US Readers

The Guardian Launches an Open Redesign for US Readers

The new site is responsive, speedy, and fully backed by new tools for journalists. We spoke with the project’s leaders about their experience, the new features, and what they have planned for the future.

Project The Case for Flat Files in Big Data Projects

The Case for Flat Files in Big Data Projects

Time’s Chris Wilson and Pratheek Rebala open up the enormous Open Payments dataset from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services using flat files and Ajax.

Project Django OpenNews code convening CAL-ACCESS civic data Introducing the California Civic Data Coalition

Introducing the California Civic Data Coalition

Launching with two new Django applications ready made to make California campaign finance data easier to access.

Project video sync Video Synchronization for Collective Viewing

POV’s Brian Chirls on why video sync is a giant pain and how to make it work.