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  1. How We Made “The Water Drain”

    By Lindsay Muscato and Cecilia Reyes

    Posted on

    To piece together the bigger picture of water usage and how much people pay, the Tribune team used a variety of data sources, including their own survey. They found wide disparities in what residents were paying for water, with the poorest communities paying the most.

  2. How (And Why) We Built A World Series Simulator

    By Chris Hagan

    Posted on

    We created a tool that allowed users to peek under the hood of the MLB playoffs by simulating the postseason as many times as they wanted, which we hope taught even baseball fans something new about their sport.

  3. How the Guardian Made RioRun

    By Aliza Aufrichtig, Kenan Davis, Jan Diehm, Rich Harris, Lauren Leatherby, and Nadja Popovich

    Posted on

    RioRun is an “interactive podcast” that takes you on a guided tour of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic marathon course—all 26.2 miles of it—as you run. Here’s how we made it.

  4. A 3D Walkthrough for Breaking News

    By Eli J. Murray

    Posted on

    We knew we wanted to tell the story in a way that was more concrete than just words on a page. We decided to create a 3D graphic that would tell the story of that night’s events.

  5. Guri VR: Virtual Reality for the Rest of Us

    By Dan Zajdband

    Posted on

    Here are three tools for making VR in the open web, whether or not you’re a developer.

  6. Feats Thru Sheets: The Wonders of Go-To Templates

    By Carla Astudillo

    Posted on

    When you’re part of a tiny digital team, you find ways to make life easier for everyone in the newsroom. That’s why I created Feats Thru Sheets, an interactive, filterable, searchable database that can be reskinned for different types of stories and updated solely by reporters.

  7. How We Made “Make it Stop”

    By Gabriel Florit, Elaina Natario, and Michael Workman

    Posted on

    The Boston Globe’s newsroom development team built “Make it Stop,” a powerful editorial statement on gun control after the Orlando shootings, in just 13 hours. Here’s how they did it — and the tools and workflows they made well in advance to enable (extremely) rapid development.

  8. How We Made the 3D Tour de France Interactive

    By Andrew Mason

    Posted on

    Our Tour de France 3D interactive brought users right into one of the steepest, toughest, most iconic stages of the race, using WebGL.

  9. Building on Data Viz for All

    By Julia Smith

    Posted on

    Helping newsrooms improve interactive graphics and data visualizations by making them more accessible to all users.

  10. Tracking a Record Run Throughout the Season

    By John Hancock and Erika Owens

    Posted on

    At the beginning of the season, it looked like Dallas Cowboys running back DeMarco Murray might break a record this season. John Hancock explains the interactive the Dallas Morning News put together to track Murray’s progress.

  11. From the BBC News Labs: Datastringer

    By Basile Simon

    Posted on

    Basile Simon walks through the process of building a new tool that aims to help reporters cover beats, and that was prompted by work by Knight-Mozilla Fellows and a presentation at Hacks/Hackers London.

  12. Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

    By Joe Flowers, Adam Martin, Erika Owens, and Brian Williamson

    Posted on

    At the Mozilla Festival last fall, a team from the Broadcasting Board of Governors launched KettleCorn, their fork of the Mozilla video-editing tool Popcorn.

  13. Mapping Made Simple, Now with Bonus UI

    By Alan Palazzolo

    Posted on

    Introducing the double-whammy of Simple Map D3 and Tulip, a new mapping app from MinnPost.

  14. Introducing Ractive.js

    By Rich Harris

    Posted on

    Ractive.js is a new JavaScript library for making interactives and news apps. Tl;dr: Ractive.js will make your life easier! Check out the examples and tutorials. (But really, you probably want to read this first.)

  15. Creating an API of Veterans Affairs’ data

    By Cole Goins, Erika Owens, and Shane Shifflett

    Posted on

    The Center for Investigative Reporting recently released an API of data from the US Department of Veterans Affairs, which it compiled in reporting on a backlog of disability claims.

  16. Launching the Minnesota Legislative Bill Tracker

    By Beth Hawkins, Kaeti Hinck, Tom Nehil, James Nord, Erika Owens, and Alan Palazzolo

    Posted on

    This week, MinnPost launched an effort to track legislation in Minnesota throughout the 2013 session.

  17. Introducing Tabula

    By Manuel Aristarán and Mike Tigas

    Posted on

    A new PDF data extraction tool conceived by Manuel Aristarán and built out in a collaboration between Aristarán, who is a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nación, and Mike Tigas, Fellow at ProPublica, and ProPublica’s Jeremy B. Merrill.

  18. Jessica Lord on sheetsee.js

    By Erin Kissane

    Posted on

    Jessica Lord breaks down the context and process behind sheetsee.js, a JavaScript mashup developed during her Code for America fellowship.

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