Project JavaScript sports interactive 3D WebGL How We Made the 3D Tour de France Interactive

How We Made the 3D Tour de France Interactive

Our Tour de France 3D interactive brought users right into one of the steepest, toughest, most iconic stages of the race, using WebGL.

Tool maps data visualization JavaScript Building on Data Viz for All

Building on Data Viz for All

Helping newsrooms improve interactive graphics and data visualizations by making them more accessible to all users.

Project JavaScript data From the BBC News Labs: Datastringer

From the BBC News Labs: Datastringer

Basile Simon walks through the process of building a new tool that aims to help reporters cover beats, and that was prompted by work by Knight-Mozilla Fellows and a presentation at Hacks/Hackers London.

Interview video popcorn kettlecorn JavaScript Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

Forking Popcorn for a Journalist Audience

At the Mozilla Festival last fall, a team from the Broadcasting Board of Governors launched KettleCorn, their fork of the Mozilla video-editing tool Popcorn.

Tool mapping choropleth Simple Map D3 D3 Tulip JavaScript Mapping Made Simple, Now with Bonus UI

Mapping Made Simple, Now with Bonus UI

Introducing the double-whammy of Simple Map D3 and Tulip, a new mapping app from MinnPost.

Tool svg ractive.js Mustache libraries SVG JavaScript Introducing Ractive.js

Introducing Ractive.js

Ractive.js is a new JavaScript library for making interactives and news apps. Tl;dr: Ractive.js will make your life easier! Check out the examples and tutorials. (But really, you probably want to read this first.)

Roundup events Event Roundup, June 10

Event Roundup, June 10

DataBootCamp in Bolivia this week and municipal data hacking in Johannesburg on Saturday.

Event viz svg Canvas WebGL HTML SVG OpenVisConf Twitter’s Miguel Rios on Choosing Viz Methods

Twitter's Miguel Rios on Choosing Viz Methods

In our second dispatch from OpenVis Conf, Twitter's Miguel Rios digs into four major options for displaying visualizations on the web.

Roundup events Event Roundup, May 20

Event Roundup, May 20

The final Editors’ Lab before the Global Editors Network Conference in June and data hacking in Spain this weekend.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Apr 29

Event Roundup, Apr 29

Harvesting data in Belgium and talking transparency in DC this weekend. Plus, session suggestions for the Online News Association conference due Tuesday.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Apr 8

Today, John Keefe will teach data visualization basics in New Jersey. This week, the Global Editors Network Editors’ Lab heads to Cairo.

Project Ruby PDF JavaScript data Introducing Tabula

A new PDF data extraction tool conceived by Manuel Aristarán and built out in a collaboration between Aristarán, who is a Knight-Mozilla Fellow at La Nación, and Mike Tigas, Fellow at ProPublica, and ProPublica’s Jeremy B. Merrill.

Learning data How the Data Sausage Gets Made

How the Data Sausage Gets Made

Jacob Harris explains the perils of making government food safety data usable for journalistic research.

Learning data Sane Data Updates Are Harder than You Think

Sane Data Updates Are Harder than You Think

First in a three-part series by Adrian Holovaty about hairy data-parsing problems from a journalist’s perspective

Interview fellowships mapping dataviz Meet Gustavo Faleiros

The second in a series of interviews with Knight International Journalism Fellows.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Feb 19

Event Roundup, Feb 19

Saturday is International Open Data Day, and there may be a hack event near year.

Interview kickstarter for journalism learning For Journalism: How it Started, Where it’s Going

For Journalism: How it Started, Where it's Going

The For Journalism project aims to create nine brand-new courses for journalists who want to learn how to design and build news applications, and to offer them to individuals and institutions in the fall of 2013.

Roundup events Event Roundup, Feb 11

Event Roundup, Feb 11

Hacks/Hackers meet this week in Milano and Birmingham. Plus, two news-related iconathons this month.