Roundup arduino mapping elections US Elections Roundup, November 2013

US Elections Roundup, November 2013

A light round of elections were held this week in the US, giving news developers an opportunity to outdo their usual coverage. We’ve rounded up a few highlights.

How-to elections Watching the Results Change

Watching the Results Change

Jacob Harris on the challenges of reporting and calling elections and the making of the NYT’s chart of minute-by-minute Virginia governor’s race reporting action.

Roundup year in review 2012 2012 in Review: Miranda Mulligan

Knight Lab executive director Miranda Mulligan talks about five awesome things from the tech-in-news world from 2012.

Project APIs Ruby on Rails JSON elections The New York Times’ Election Results Loader

The New York Times' Election Results Loader

Jacob Harris breaks down the data, the code choices, and the rationales behind the NYT’s results loader for the US 2012 elections.

Project TileMill mapping Google Docs MapBox elections Mother Jones’ Voter Suppression Map

Mother Jones' Voter Suppression Map

How the Mother Jones nerd desk whipped up a multi-layered map of verified incidents of voter suppression for the 2012 US elections.

Project dataviz D3 elections The NYT’s Visual Election Outcome Explorer

The NYT's Visual Election Outcome Explorer

Mike Bostock explains how he and Shan Carter created the 512 Paths interactive feature, from early sketches to complete implementation.

Project mapping JSON elections WYNC & KPCC’s California Elections Map

WYNC & KPCC's California Elections Map

How the WNYC data team turned California’s live elections data into an embeddable map based on a